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Take advantage of, and gain peace of mind from our Dual Sided Rating System!

Both parties have the ability to post a comment and rate each other upon completion of the project or work term! Our industry is exploding with change!  We’re being influenced by new technologies, available manpower, skillsets and much more.Now more than ever, we need to connect, co-operate, discover and learn together!

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Trade Graduates

$10.00/6 months



The Companies Supplying Our Industry

Think all products are created equal?  Not a chance!  Discover which products we in the trade prefer and why!

There are many great products and suppliers out there!  The Contractors Site is searching for businesses that supply quality products and services to the construction field, and, who are interested in advertising on our site.   Suppliers who partner with us will be actively promoted throughout each month of membership!  Contact us for details!

Systana Gravures

Sherbrooke, Quebec


Systana Engraving

Professional Laser Engraving

-Across All Industries-

Systana Engraving is very proud of their ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience while simultaneously operating as Your Professional Turn Key Laser Engraving Company! Life is busy and there’s no need to make things complicated!  Simply provide your requirements, ideas and visions to their Design Department and be confident that you’ll receive well planned and creative solutions that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations!  Systana Engravings provides outstanding quality products that can be found across multiple industries and has a reputation that is second to none!  From Design, to Production, Packaging and Shipping, Systana Engaving covers all the possibilities! 

Click the Link below to learn more!

Systana Engraving        Systana Gravures


Toronto, Ontario


Manufactured in North America for customers who are serious about creating cleaner, healthier environments.  VACUFLO has combined convenience and value with its “True Cyclonic” design, ensuring 100% vacuuming power, all the time! Delivering quality and performance through a variety of innovative system designs for your Homes Kitchen/Bathroom, Garage, Condo’s and more!

Building & Renovation Contractors!

Now Is The Time!  Offer your clients an opportunity to not only add value to their home, but to enjoy the benefits and convenience that a VACUFLO System can offer!

There's A System Especially For You!

Intro 1 | Intro 2

We're Also Installation Specialists!

Our Technicians provide a hassle-free experience while installing your central vacuum. All technicians are trained professionals. They deliver reliable and quality installations in both new construction and existing structures and homes.

The Contractors Site is so impressed with the features of VACUFLO SYSTEMS that, not only do we welcome them as a preferred Supplier, we're also taking an active role in the sales and promotion of VACUFLO SYSTEMS. For more information please click Go To Site below.


Kitchener, Ontario

Need Supplies? For quickest service, you can Call in, or Text your orders and quote requests to 519-894-7000 OR via Email to kitchenerorders@emcoltd.com

EMCO - Kitchener

Now in its 115th year, EMCO is one of Canada's largest suppliers to the construction industry. EMCO supplies quality products to the fields of Plumbing, Waterworks, Fire Protection, Industrial, Oilfield Supply, and HVAC Systems. With an excellent reputation for customer service, product knowledge, and availability, it’s no wonder Plumbing, Construction, and Renovation Contractors, recognize EMCO as “The Place” to go for all their needs!

Open Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 4:30 pm

THE ENSUITE - Kitchener

Once you arrive at EMCO, take some time and visit The ENSUITE! Here, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an expose of the latest bathroom fixtures, controls, and displays! The friendly and knowledgeable showroom staff are equipped to offer inspiring ideas and designs. As specialists, they can help you navigate through your renovation or new build process. Receive a guided tour of the top named brands in fixtures, for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or powder room – all under one roof. It’s time well spent!

Open Monday - Tuesday- Wednesday - 10am to 5pm

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