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Tip Corner - Important Points To Remember - Hollow Core Door Install

Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: November 21 2022

Many of you may not know it, but when it comes to installing an interior slab door, there is an Inside Swing side and an Outside Swing side to be aware of!  If you look carefully at the edge of a door, you will notice that there is a slight beveled edge – (as shown in our photo).  It’s important to make sure the narrow edge of the door swings into the frame as it closes and that the wider edge swings out or away from the frame.  Think of it like a cork in a bottle.  The narrow wedge goes in and the wide side remains out or flush with the frame edge.  When installing, if you do reverse the angle you, may wind up in a position where planing becomes necessary, thus increasing both your labour time and frustration level!  One method I recommend is:  Measure, cut in, and install your hinges in both your frame and door edge first.  Once complete, install your door using only a couple of screws.  Now, test your door swing to make sure it fits in your frame properly.  Once you’re happy with the result, move on to drill the hole for your handle and latch assembly.  By completing all your cutting before testing, you run the risk of having to plane or completely trim one of your finished door edges for a proper fit. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to cut off the hinge side of your door! Choosing the handle side may negatively affect the hole location of your handle and or latch in its’ relation to the doors edge. This result could render the door useless!    

Do you know what the inside of a Hollow Core Door looks like? Take a look, visit What's Inside This Hollow Core Door on The Contractors Site You Tube Channel and get an up close look!


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