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Construction work

Newcomer with experience more than 12 years in constructions works, looking for work

Ready To Start In The Trades

I am looking to get my start in the contracting trade. I have minimal experience but I'm willing and eager to learn...

Looking For Employment

Seeking a position where I can best utilize my diverse experience and employment skills with a growing company that o...

Looking For Employment

I have been working in construction for over 7 years doing most aspects of the trades. Drywall mudding tiling deck ki...

Looking For Employment

I am looking for start work ASAP. I would be a strong asset to any company, and I'm eager and ready to learn and bu...

Looking For Employment

I'm looking for anything available. I am a very hard worker and I love working with my hands. When I have a job to d...

Looking For Employment

I have been working in construction all my life. I've been employed as an installer for a window & siding compan...

Available for Employment

I am a construction labourer with certificate. Please Contact

Available for Employment

I've been a construction laborer for 10 years. I've done all aspects of demolition and concrete restoration. I h...