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Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: March 21 2021

Welcome to "The Contractors Site" - the site established by Contractors for Contractors and the Trades.

This site has been developed as an interactive tool for Construction personnel that will provide benefits in 3 areas of our business.

First, it will feature an ever increasing list of quality based products and services including the Suppliers who sell them! Our site will also present an opportunity for our members to participate in our Q & A Corner and reply to job post requests and inquiries from the general public. Most importantly, the site will provide a forum for our contractor members to connect directly with each other!

Within our platform, we are excited to offer “THE PLACE” for construction oriented businesses to look for workers and sub contractors, and provide a place for construction oriented job seekers to post their availability whether full time / part time, a day, an afternoon or something different.  We have recently included a section designed for New Trades Graduates to post their courses, skills and achievements for construction companies and other employers to see.

What makes us different to existing online job matching sites?  Easy!  We provide accountability!  Users of our site will need to become Premium paid members (membership is tax deductible) and sign up to the site.  Those signing up to the site, will use their "Personal or Company" unique I.D.s  and have the ability to upload their profiles and other work site related photos to the site.    Both parties using the employment aspect of the site will have the opportunity to provide a rating score for each other. This will ensure the accountability for “employer” and “worker” going forward.  Those continuing to use the employment side of the site in future, will of course, prefer to have positive scores or feedback attached to their profiles.   Rating is voluntary, but certainly available.  All members are welcome, no initial rating status is required to join!

Overall, the site will provide something of value and interest to all visitors looking for construction and renovation based information.

We hope you join us or at least come back and visit often!  

Thanks for stopping in and remember - 

 Even if You’re not looking for someone, Someone might be looking for You!

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