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Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: January 10 2022

In my very first entry, I would like to introduce myself and describe not only the purpose of, but also some of the features of our new website!

As an independent contractor with a 22 year track record I, like probably many of you, started out very “Green” and learned most of my skills on the job.  It's definitely the hard way to do it!  I’ve gained experience from landscaping work, plumbing installations and electrical work to tile and hardwood installation including the components of kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. As I said, I learned it the hard way and re-invented the wheel countless times. 

During my time as a pro, I've provided full time construction jobs and unfortunately, I experienced many of the challenges associated with trying to grow the business! I often wondered where I might be if I had not spent so much time re-inventing that wheel or if I had access to veteran insight and experience, and of course ….some good reliable help!  It was then it hit me…I’m probably not the only one who’s gone or is going through this!  Where could I have accessed this kind of help when the going got tough?  I really didn’t know!  Upon reflection, I realized we needed a reliable resource where we, as professional construction / renovations contractors, could access the information and co-operation that would make all our jobs a little bit easier and more efficient from start up to completion! 

There are several areas that The Contractors Site will address in the near future. Each will be of interest and benefit all of you in this industry.  With the present level of construction and renovation work occurring across the country, I felt the initial cornerstone of our site should focus on providing a platform where contractors, subcontractors and general labourers can find, connect and together, get the job done!  During my time, I found the search for reliable help using popular job wanted boards and online employment websites, that provided no worker accountability, often challenging and frustrating.  A great deal of thought has been put into our site as a way to solve these issues. Accountability from ALL parties is measured and put on display.

I invite you to join us and participate in the benefits we can realize as a group rather than as individuals operating alone.

Explore the site!  As mentioned, we’ll be adding many more features in the days to come! 

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