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4 Renovations That Support a Growing Home Based - Business

Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: April 10 2021

 Todays Post was generously created & provided by Lisa Walker

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For many people who dream of embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship, a home-based business offers a logical first step. Turning a spare bedroom into an office is often sufficient to meet the needs of many small businesses. However, strong growth can make that once-cavernous space seem incredibly small.


If you find yourself with the pleasant dilemma of what’s next, having outgrown your home office's provisions, these renovation ideas can help you update it to a more accommodating space.


Create More Space

One of the first things many home-based business owners notice is a constraint on the amount of physical space available for daily operations. This shouldn't be a big surprise considering that homes aren't generally designed for running a business, and it is one you can work around with some carefully planned renovations.


A few ideas to create more physical space for your business include:


●       Converting a garage into an office

●       Adding an accessory unit to your home

●       Extending the home's footprint with an addition


Upgrade Business Technology

Depending on what type of business you operate, you may need to consider a technology upgrade to your home office. For example, wired internet eliminates many of the problems with Wi-Fi, such as spotty or insecure connections.  It also helps boost speed, which is important if you conduct many video conferences or use a VoIP phone system for business operations.


Another popular feature that can be added to a home-based business is backup power. You have several options available, and the right one will depend on your specific needs. An uninterruptible power supply, for example, is an affordable way to cover short-term outages for a home office setup. They offer a simple setup and straightforward operation. On the other hand, battery backups and generators can provide power for longer interruptions or for multiple pieces of equipment.


You can use modern tech to help out in other ways as well. For instance, be sure to review your business’s legal structure to see if it meets your current needs. A Limited  Liability Company, ( LLC ) is a very popular business form that limits liability and may offer tax advantages depending on your province or state's regulations. Here’s where the tech comes into play: Online formation services make it simple and affordable to get set up.


Address Parking Capacity

As the business grows, you may face increased demand for in-person meetings with clients or customers. This means you'll have to balance maintaining a traditional home appearance with the addition of sufficient parking space for customers and clients. Talk to contractors who specialize in landscape design to explore ways of integrating an extra space or two into the yard without detracting from your home's appearance.


Another option is to add a delivery or home-visit option to your offerings. That can drastically reduce the amount of space you need while also maintaining the definite line between personal and business space. Plus, your clients will probably appreciate the extra convenience of meeting at their home or office.


Add a Dedicated Entrance

If customers or clients regularly enter your business, you'll want a separate and dedicated entrance for their use. This will help keep personal and company traffic separate. If you don't already have a separate entrance in the house that leads to your office, find a contractor to design and install Wheelchair Access that is code compliant in your area.


Of course, there will be some growing pains as your home-based business expands. However, the right renovations can help you overcome them by creating sufficient space and meeting technology demands. That way, you can guide your business to the next level of success!


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