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Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: January 10 2022

Lets look at Ratings and Reviews

Some sites invite ratings from past or previous customers, which can help propel a contractor or company into a higher or more enviable position within the site and attract homeowners to their profiles.  At times, some reviews may have the opposite effect, and unfairly penalize a reputable individual or company.  

                                       Are these profile ratings true, accurate or the least bit credible?

At The Contractors Site, all members / Users start off with zero ratings.  Ratings are earned and can only be provided directly through the site, thereby eliminating the potential for unreliable or mass produced recommendations.

Most importantly, users have the opportunity to use our Dual Rating System which allows Both Parties to rate each other upon completion or termination of the project.  The Ratings System comes in the form of a 5 Star choice and a text window to provide written details. 

Ratings can only be seen through User Profiles while logged in and communicating during the Contact, Estimating and Hiring periods. This approach allows the sharing of necessary information to serious viewers and greatly reduces chances of malicious public postings intended to discredit one entity or another.  Users of the site are encouraged to fulfill their Due Diligence and choose their Contractor or Client carefully.

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