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Tip Corner - Great Way To Keep Your Paint Can Clean

Gord Amphlett

Toronto, Ontario

Posted: November 21 2022

How often have you opened up your old paint cans to do some touching etc. up and found this:


Open Paint can with dried paint

And -You know when you pour out the paint, dry bits will end up in your tray - then on your walls - so you'll be rewarded with both headaches and a poor quality finish!

Here’s a solution that will help reduce or eliminate these issues!
When you open your can for the first time, take a screw driver or other pointed tool and punch holes in the lip of the fresh can. 


Full can of white paint and screwdriver


Knocking holes in paint can lip


Clean paint can with drip holes


These drip holes will allow your residual paint to fall back into the can making clean up and closing the lid much easier.  The next time you open your can you’ll be happy you did! 
Also remember – when you come to pour the paint, turn the can to protect the label side with your preferred language so you can read the whole label in future!

Are you interested in learning an easy technique for cutting in paint lines in ceilings etc?

Watch How To Paint Along Ceilings on The Contractors Site You Tube Channel. This short video will teach you a painting technique that helps me achieve great cut in paint lines!

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