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Good News for Wet Basements.

Good News for Wet Basements. NOAHS jet-flush waterproofing costs 80% Less! With Superior Results, that lasts Forever! Shocking and devastating costs to waterproof your home are as terrifying as the covid 19 pandemic. Paying $20,000 $30,000 or more to waterproof your home is no longer a required choice, thanks too, NOAHS JET-FLUSH WATERPROOFING. NOAHS technology slashes these costs by 80% or more! Developed by Sterling Gould JD a graduate of Management Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (an education worth over $500,000 ) with 22 years of actual residential waterproofing and a historic training, actually installing ceramic weeping tile over 61 years ago. Applying the science of fluid dynamics with modern technology, into the development of NOAHS JET-FLUSHING and INSULATING SYSTEM a 100% successful system approaching 10 years old with hundreds of satisfied customers, avoiding the nightmarish cost of old fashioned, conventional waterproofing. FLUSHING and NOAHS BASEMENT INSULATING SYSTEM. The first stage is to JET-FLUSH, which power washes and VENTS the entire existing weeping tiles (100% successful for over 130 contracts for 10 years) and then waterproofing inside basement foundation walls with our pure rubber adhesive membrane and applying our RIM membrane to the inside. The benefits are a hydrophobic membrane with a 46 psi (100ft) of waterproofing resistance stopping all moisture with a moisture resistance reflective insulating membrane, which provides zero heat loss forever! NOAHS technology is so advanced it can be compared to: A pioneer wood stove to a modern microwave oven. A manual dial phone to modern smart phone. A Tesla Electric car to a horse and buggy. Need we say more! 647-932-3635 ask for Sterling

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